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YOGI's Kitchen | Terms of Use

Auto Renewal Policy

Yogi’s Kitchen is dedicated in providing best-in-class service and making life little easier.

We all have more important things to do than deal with the payments and hassle of entering payment details and manually process payments.

Yogi’s Kitchen makes it easy to custom digital reoccurring billing. Digital invoices provide you with a simple, no-hassle way to pay from their computer or mobile device. And it’s all included at no additional cost.

• Introduction

Our easy recurring billing feature improve billing efficiency and security and eliminate the hassle of manually re-entering billing or payment details at every transaction.

• Security Privacy:

Yogi’s Kitchen customer’s data is stored on our payment processor secure servers, simplifying your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI- DSS) compliance.

• Accepted Payment Method:

Yogi’s Kitchen makes it easy to accept all types of payment, including EMV chip cards, digital payments, and more. Call us at 1-877-219-6224 with your questions.

• Supported Payment Types

Visa • MasterCard • Discover • American Express • JCB

• Fraud Prevention Tool:

Yogi’s Kitchen uses Leading Payment Processor built-in fraud prevention tools which simplifies your payment experience with best-in-class advance security cover.

• Auto Payment Terms & Conditions:

Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions for the Auto Pay (AP) option: By enrolling in, using, or paying for Yogi’s Kitchen by AP, you agree to these terms and conditions. If these Terms and Conditions are not acceptable to you, please notify Yogi’s Kitchen immediately at +1-877-219-6224.

• 1. AP Enrollment

  • I understand that AP enrollment methods are on the back of the remittance document and on the Yogi’s Kitchen website, or by verbal agreement with electronic signature (where applicable).
  • If I enrolled in AP online or by phone with electronic signature, I authorize Yogi’s Kitchen to treat my electronic signature as evidence of my consent to initiate electronic payment transactions from my designated bank, debit card, or credit card account. My consent only applies to the initiation of the recurring electronic bank, credit card, or debit card payments.

My authorization via electronic signature has the same effect as a handwritten signature on a paper-formatted contract.

  • I understand that AP enrollment applies to the bank, debit card, or credit card account that I designate.
  • I agree to pay for my subscription to Yogi’s Kitchen until the AP enrollment is established.
  • On every billing date each month, I authorize Yogi’s Kitchen to automatically charge my credit card/debit card or debit my bank account, as applicable, for the amount due for my subscription renewal or send me an invoice with payment link or send email transfer instructions on my registered email address.

The AP charge or debit will be made on the date when my total available meal credits are 3 or below Or if my subscription is expiring by date

Yogi’s Kitchen will provide a day prior notification in advance of the AP payment event.

  • To cancel AP, contact our 24/7 customer support or call 1-877-219-6224

2. Paper Free Billing

  • I understand that by enrolling in the AP option I also agree to Paper Free Billing.
  • I understand that I must contact Yogi’s Kitchen to get and print my bill.
  • I agree to have Yogi’s Kitchen to notify me by e-mail and or SMS text each month for my payments
  • I agree to promptly update my e-mail address and phone number at yogiskitchen.ca if it changes.

3. Update Bank/Card Information

  • I understand that if there is a change to my bank or card account information, including expiration date, I must contact Yogi’s Kitchen or call +1- 877-219-6224 to update the AP enrollment information.
  • I understand that Yogi’s Kitchen may receive updated card information from the financial institution issuing the card.

4. Billing Errors

  • I understand and agree that Yogi’s Kitchen is not liable for erroneous bill statements or incorrect debits/charges.
  • If a billing error occurs, Yogi’s Kitchen is responsible for correcting it if and when, I notify Yogi’s Kitchen of the error.

5. Returned Payments

  • I understand that if my payment is rejected, refused, returned, disputed, or reversed by my financial institution or card issuer for any reason, then Yogi’s Kitchen has the right to charge a returned item fee and to cancel my account from the AP option.
  • I understand my participation in AP is subject to Yogi’s Kitchen approval.
  • Yogi’s Kitchen and participating financial institutions reserve the right to terminate my participation in this payment option at any time, as authorized by applicable law.

6. Fees

  • I understand that Yogi’s Kitchen does not impose a fee for participating in the AP option.
  • I understand that I should verify with my financial institution to determine if additional charges apply.

7. Changes and Updates

  • From time to time, Yogi’s Kitchen may revise these Terms and Conditions. Yogi’s Kitchen will provide notice of such revisions by posting revisions to the website designated page or via other mode of communication. Material revisions to the Terms and Conditions shall be effective as soon after posting on the Yogi’s Kitchen website at www.yogiskitchen.ca.
  • If you do not agree to Yogi’s Kitchen revision(s), you must terminate your AP enrollment immediately in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. By continuing to use AutoPay after revisions are in effect, you accept and agree to all revisions.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us at 877-219-6224.

(877) 219-6224 Call Now