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Meet Our Chef

Kamal Gensgat Executive Chef - Yogi’s Kitchen

Chef Kamal's tantalizing culinary journey spans across five countries. With a drive to constantly strive for more, Chef Kamal has transformed the shape of cuisine and cooking altogether through a glitzing career of over 20 years. Growing up in northern India, Chef Kamal Gensgat relished the region’s warm, fragrant food with its amazing blends of herbs and spices. Moving to Israel he encountered a dizzying array of delicious, buttery dishes. Here, he studied to become a Red Seal Chef, specializing in Spanish and Thai Cooking. With his unique style and sense of flavour, he won the ‘Best Sushi in the Town’ award.

While furthering his training in Paris, Gensgat became well-versed in the intricacies of fine French cuisine. Working as a Chef in London he became proficient in a potpourri of cultural cooking styles, from the attractive and appetizing plates of Japan to the rich, hearty meals of Italy. To further his passion for cooking, he decided to move to Canada and explore North-American cuisines and cooking styles.

Lived in Regina for seven years, exploring the special characteristics of Canadian Cooking working. Shortly he began to experiment with different culinary techniques to create his own signature style & was honoured with ‘The Best Chef in Saskatchewan’ & ‘The Best Flavor in Saskatchewan’ Red Plate awards. With almost four years of his extraordinary career with Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar Kamal moved to Vancouver, BC and joined the famous Minerva Restaurant as an executive chef. At Minerva he got a chance to experiment with Greek and Italian cuisine. Being a dynamic chef, he soon won hearts by creating memorable dishes with fresh ingredients.

With Kamal’s ever-increasing appetite to discover different cultures and cuisines his culinary journey took a novel turn when he was appointed as a head chef in Yogi’s Kitchen unique concept of a technology-based tiffin service that he launched in January 2019. Joining Yogi’s Kitchen was like ‘home coming’ for Kamal as since childhood he was inspired by his mother’s Indian cooking and that in fact was the starting point of his passion for cooking. As a zealous head chef with excellent kitchen management skills and ability to create innovative recipes, Kamal relishes each day working at Yogi’s Kitchen. The Indian diet is noted for its inclusion of many spices, pulses and rice, not forgetting its variety of flavours and colours which are what make this cuisine so unique. Kamal always tries to strike the right balance between health and taste. For example: All breads are baked in-house, pastas are made in-house, yogurt and cottage cheese are made in-house etc. And don’t worry if you bump into a big guy even if he is carrying a knife; its Chef Kamal Gensgat.

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